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A rubbish map of Europe – made with rubbish.

It's nice to see an innovative approach to quite ordinary, although still interesting, data.

That sounds like an insult – I mean that gathering up quite run-of-the-mill data and presenting it in a totally unique way is very difficult.

You don't have much room to manoeuvre.

That's why this graphic from the Russian Sphinx is a beautiful thing – a datavis on rubbish, built out of rubbish, that looks both neat and, well, like rubbish, all at the same time.

It is also interesting that, for once, there is such a major disparity between Great Britain and Ireland – over 2.5kg of municipal solid waste (rubbish) per person in Ireland, compared to 1.5-1.99 in Great Britain.

Norway is, surprisingly, also among the worst – Croatia is awesome with below 0.49kg, while Poland, Belarus and Ukraine are all representing with 0.5-0.99kg per person per day.

Now, given that that's almost half the amount of waste of certain places in Europe, you can really tell where the issue lies with the sheer amounts of rubbish we're producing.


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