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Deforestation and reforestation

Deforestation is a major issue. We need oxygen, and trees are so generous, they throw it out into the sky (just because they can).

But, we also use too many of them for fuel – hence why they're disappearing and the world is suffering a little.

Now, firstly, although this is produced in Targetmaps, we have no idea who by or where the data originated from – so if you know, let us know.

But this map, as well as being remarkably pretty maps the world by the percentage of land area covered in 'forest area'.

Now although 'forest area' is a rather indeterminate term, it is enlightening – especially Russia. Its bleak, rather stereotypical landscape is countered in this by it being one of the greenest areas worldwide (with 40.4-54.4% forest area coverage).

The UK is among the worst in Europe (just 6.1- 16.8%), and only really beaten worldwide by various African nations (and the likes of Kazakhstan) – and, for once in our lives, we *can't* blame the weather.

Brazil and the Congo are about 54% forest area (not surprising for the rainforests), but surprisingly, Sweden are also up there.

Definitely something we could learn from.

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