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Superhero nerdgasm

With great graphic design power comes great graphic design responsibility.

Although version 1 of this has been floating around for a solid 18 months, it's only recently hit Visually (as version 1 and version 2) and it's definitely worth talking about now, with a beautiful redesign and re-release and a general increase in its level of awesomeness.

Pop Chart Lab and 'Agent_M' (designer Ryan Penagos) produced this magical equal-opportunities graphic to bring together pretty much all of the well known superheroes (regardless of their exact level of fame).

As if to just ooze awesomeness, they also credit local comic book store Bergen Street Comics for the unenviable amount of research.

Admittedly, although its attention to detail as a little off throughout (forgiven, given the detail and layering of information they have to deal with), the style is awesome and the layout is clear and concise, which is impressive when you consider the sheer mass of superheroes filtered out throughout the graphic.

They are being sold as limited edition (well, from a numbered pool of 1000) and for any successful comic-book nerd, it's a must-have.

My main issue is with some of the so-called-superheroes in existence. Let's take a look:

Animal-vegetable-mineral man, a terrifying mixture of dinosaur, man, and root vegetable, with some diamond arm thrown in;
The Red Bee, who fights Nazis with trained bees and apparent vague thrusting;
The Chlorophyll Kid, who can stimulate plant growth and, apparently, spontaneously put on weight;
Matter-Eater Lad, who can, well, eat things. Like ray-guns. And other people's weapons.

Genuinely had fun researching those.

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